5 Winter Roofing Tips to Shield Your Roof Against the Cold Climate


It’s winter time again in Melbourne! Is your roof protected against the damaging elements of the cold climate such as frost, ice, and snow? Keep your roof, home, and family safe this winter season by making sure you perform these winter roofing maintenance tips.

1.   Check your roof

A visual inspection of your entire roof system—including the nooks and crannies, gutters, skylight, ridges, and shingles—is a must all-year round. If you cannot remember the last time you checked your roof, then it is best to do it now before winter makes it harder for you to do so.

When you are inspecting your roof, take note of the most apparent and common signs of roof damage such as water stains in the attic and ceilings, as well as the sagging in the middle part of the roof.

2. Cut down overgrown tree branches

The branches of your trees make a great shade during summer. But when winter is near, you need to trim them down to avoid roofing problems such as leaks. Overgrown branches can break during the harsh winter season, especially when winds are strong and there is heavy snowing. And when they break, they can create holes when they hit your roof, leading to leaks that can be really difficult to fix during winter.

3. Clean your gutters

Before the onset of winter, be sure to remove anything such as leaves, twigs, bird dropping, debris, and grime that will clog your gutters. A clogged gutter during the winter is a sure-fire cause of roof leaks. So clean the gutters as soon as possible.


4. Get rid of snow buildup on your roof

The snow on your roof may look cute, but it is bad for your roof when it gets too heavy for the structure to support, especially if your roof is already old and fragile. Even if you think your roof is durable, it cannot support a weight of more than 20 pounds per cubic foot. The worst thing that can happen is that your entire roof will collapse after a winter storm because it could no longer support the heavy snow buildup.

So you need to remove snow from your roof using a shovel or a rake. However, do not attempt to do it alone because your roof can be very slippery during the winter. You need professional help when it comes to removing snow from your roof. Our reliable roof restoration team can help you do the task faster, more easily, and more safely.

5. Insulate your attic

Make your home more energy-efficient and enhance your home’s resale value by installing attic insulation. The snow that has built up on your roof can, of course, make your home colder and make your heating system work harder, resulting in higher energy consumption and bills. Insulating your attic can help balance out the temperature in your home.

Need professional assistance for preparing your roof for the winter? We can help you. Contact us today for a free quotation!