5 Telltale Signs You Need a Professional Roof Restoration Service

How to Protect Your Roof

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DIY home improvements are challenging yet exciting projects for a homeowner who can do the job of a handyman. However, the trickiest part of the house to work on is the roof. Climbing to the roof alone can scare the hell out of those with fear of heights.

However, you cannot just ignore problems involving your roof because it can lead to a more serious damage, costly repairs, and more expensive energy bills. Can you handle your roof maintenance all by yourself? You may need to enlist the help of a professional team. Here are the signs you need a professional roof maintenance service:

You lack time and knowledge to maintain the roof yourself

Why go through the trouble of maintaining your roof when you have not done anything like that in your life and you barely have the time for this tough task?

Consider this: your roof has to be cleared of dust, grime, cobwebs, and other forms of dirt at least once a year. It also needs caulking around the vents and pipes to prevent leaks, as well as painting of any metal surface to prevent corrosion. The gutters also need your attention—you’ve got to get rid of debris and leaves from them so that they will not overflow during heavy downpours.

Sounds like an overwhelming job, huh? No amount of YouTube tutorials can help you with that. Instead of sweating it all out, delegate that much-dreaded task to the professionals and spare yourself the stress and hassle of roof maintenance.

When you notice potential signs of a roof leak

At least three times every year, check your entire roof system for signs of a potential roof leak.

  • Buckled or curled shingles
  • Rusty flashings
  • Streaking stains on the shingles
  • Presence of molds or moss on the roof
  • Missing parts of the roof
  • Water stains in the attic

If you see any of these symptoms, call a roofing restoration company based in Melbourne. We at Roof Restoration Melbourne One can perform a free inspection of your roof’s condition to see which ones need immediate fixing.

Your power consumption increases

Do you notice higher than usual energy consumption at home? Is the more expensive monthly power bill ruining your budget already? Before the problem gets out of hand, solve the root cause—it may be the poor condition of your roof that has been causing the increased energy bill.

When you want to switch to a longer-lasting roof

Maybe you are already getting tired of the high maintenance that your roof requires. Time to change to a roof type that can last for up to two decades: asphalt shingle roofs. As long as they are installed properly by a professional roofing contractor, you will not have to worry again about roofing issues.

Your guests or household members notice roof problems

The roof makes the first impression for your home. In fact, 40% of what you view of a home from the road is the roof. And when your family members or guests tell you that something is probably wrong with your roof, then you have to check it out right away to prevent worse problems from propping up and to avoid costly repairs.