How do You Solve a Problem Like Roof Leaks?

A roof leak is one of the most annoying yet persistent problems a homeowner can ever have. There is no escaping from it when it happens. But it can be prevented, of course. Check out these tips to prevent your roof from leaking and stop it if it has begun to take place.

1. De-clog your gutters

Dirt buildup in your gutters makes them a perfect environment for leakage. When they are clogged, water tends to build up. It has no other place to go than showing up as a leak from your roof.

2. Check the roof ridges

The ridges, also called the valleys, are the points where two pieces of roof meet—and these are a common area for leaks, as water from the whole roof flows to them. If the leak indeed comes from one of the ridges, then you need a professional help to fix it out.

3. Keep ice from building up

Winterproof your roof by making sure your shingles, gutters, and roof membrane will not be clogged with blocks of ice during winter. The most effective measures to prevent ice buildup during winter are to install a drip edge, place ice and rain shields, and keeping the roof system well-ventilated.

4. Replace your roof boots

A less obvious place for roof leaks is the rubber boot that causes problems when it dries up. Replacing your roof boot is something you can do on your own. Just visit your local hardware shop and buy one.

5. Spray the different areas of your roof

Doing this step will allow you to find out the source of a roof leak. Using a garden hose, spray in all directions. For your safety, avoid doing it in winter.

When you have confirmed the source of leak, do not be stressed out. You can find an affordable solution to that. Call us up, let us know your budget, and we will help you fix your roof leaks without breaking your budget.